So you’ve had enough.

Enough of demotivating productivity-based KPIs. Enough of ridiculous hours, which in any other industry would be considered ‘excessive overtime.’ Enough of clunky systems lacking automation and the necessary smarts. Enough of timesheets. Enough of the traditional practice promotion path. Enough of working out why there’s a ‘buy-in’ to practice (your clients are your fees, right!?!).

Enough of just having a boss.

And you’re ‘someone.’  You have a solid client base, and lets face it, people buy from people – your clients will follow you. You love what you do and the industry knows it.  You’re a casual blogger, establishing your name about town, demonstrating thought leadership, creating gravity.  You have a great network, enough resources around you that you could call on for support.

The cloud makes it almost ‘easy’ to take the leap into entrepreneurship – to ‘go out on your own’:

Every Cloud, a Silver Lining

Starting lean is a thing – bless the cloud.

Cloud technology has revolutionised the way we work.  Where key business-critical systems would take weeks to implement, experts to maintain and thousands of dollars of investment, now we pay by the month and self service our way to accessing infrastructure that used to be reserved for only big business.  Real-time access to data, be it marketing, financial or operational gives us the opportunity to see deeper into our business’ health and make fully informed proactive decisions. The reliance on physical space is also reduced, enabling far better margins and overall well-being than being tethered to an office space.

Automate. Then Outsource, Outsource, Outsource.

Possibly one of the most frustrating and distracting parts of entrepreneurship is having to spend valuable fee-generating time in areas that you may neither be strong, nor interested.  Not to say that these areas are not important, in fact, they’re normally critical. So business owners ‘give them a go’ to the best of their ability, to the determent of their productive time and/or their relaxation time and definitely to their mental health. Embrace as much automation in your systems as you can.  Set and forget.  Then establish relationships with key resources that do those parts better, where you need peace of mind, but really cant afford the time or effort.  Easy ones:

  • Bookkeeping support
  • Payroll
  •  Content marketing
  • Business advisory and cash flow management
  • Payroll
  • Support roles (data entry, draftspeople, software integrators, paraplanners etc)

‘Easy’ is probably unfair. Running one’s own business requires a great deal of focus and energy – but at the end of the day, it is all for YOU, not a partnership of peeps you have to beg for a cut of the goodwill you bring to their practice.

Be brave, ensure you have a great advisor by your side, and get stuck in.