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Put Staff at the Center of Strategy, and Watch Profits Soar

Key takeaways from the Accounting Business Expo 2017 Staff Centricity #fact - Our Practices are nothing without our staff. How many accountants do you talk to that are really excited, super pumped about where they work and really motivated to... Continue Reading →

Using time and chargeable hours metrics in staff incentives?  Wonder why it doesn't increase your margins?  Wonder why your staff are exhausted? Reward value, not time. Breed Harveys.  Retire Louis's. Click for Video: It's About Value, Not Time Full cred Kerwin... Continue Reading →

Forgetting Chargeable Hours and Write Off KPIs (please, save your margins)

Its highly likely that every professional services firm features some iteration of "increase margins" or "increase profits' in their strategic goals. What if I told you that the traditional, production based staff level KPIs are precisely what is preventing you... Continue Reading →

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